Our Story

I'm Victoria, I'm 34 years old and I personally handmake the majority of our products and they are rigorously tested by my two golden retrievers, Bella & De Niro.

At school, one of my favourite subjects was Textiles but as much as I enjoyed it, my career took me on a different path for the next 10 years. Then, 6 years ago, at the age of 28, I had a car accident which left me with life changing health conditions. Fibromyalgia, M.E. and chronic back pain. After being bed bound for about a year and having to leave my job, we decided to get a dog to help keep me company and also to help get me out of the house and walking again. Thats when we got Bella!


We rescued Bella when she was around 11 weeks old. She's super intelligent with a loving nature. However, she is very much a 'guard dog' when at home and will let us know when anyone approaches the house. She's completely food obsessed and the only thing that comes close to her love of food is mud. The wetter and muddier the better. In a dry field full of clean dogs, she will always somehow be covered head to toe in mud.

Bella changed my life and we loved having a dog so much that several months later we got De Niro!


De Niro is my own personal shadow when at home and claims my lap whenever I sit down. When out on walks he will say hello to every dog we meet and loves to chase a ball (but doesn't always bring it back). He's such a happy boy, always wagging his tail. The two dogs are inseperable.

After purchasing a few bows and bandana's for them and not being too impressed with how flimsy they were or how poor the stitching was, I decided to make my own. My husband bought me a sewing machine and Bella Bows Boutique was born!

I do struggle physically everyday and especially during busy periods or if I'm going through a particularly bad patch dealing with the numerous symptoms that come with my health conditions. This can mean that my turnaround time might not be a quick as other businesses and there may sometimes be a delay in me responding to queries, but I always do my absolute best and luckily my customers are always very understanding.

I take pride in my work and strive for good quality products, using beautiful fabrics which I hope you will love as much as I do!

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you for choosing my little business, Bella Bows Boutique!